Running as we all know has enormous number of benefits, it is easy to begin. The best part about it is that you can easily turn it into a group activity too.

Once you start running with others, you will find that it shows running in an altogether new light; benefits such as a calmer mind, happier disposition and group camaraderie make running a superb group activity. And the same holds true for running with your partner! Running with your spouse, better-half or partner is an effective way to revitalise the relationship, and showing you a new facet of your partner. And the best way to do this is to take a running vacation.

Keep your running streak alive
A running vacation is a godsend for those who can’t live without running. The feeling of running in a new location, and exploring it at the same time makes the experience unlike any other holiday. The great feeling you get from running with your partner is amplified in a running vacation.

Not just about fitness
A running vacation is not just about fitness and running. It’s about getting a new perspective on the sights you see. Joining a running group while on vacation will will open both of you to newer experiences and people. It’s a great way to get out of your busy work-led lifestyle and spend some time decompressing through running.

New way to travel
One running vacation coming up this month is in Ooty, organised by the GoUnesco group. The Go Heritage Run in Ooty promises to mix travel, heritage and fitness through running in an exciting way. It’s route takes you through trails, hilly portions and shows you the colonial and cultural heritage of Ooty. Even if you have been to Ooty in the past, this is a new way of seeing the place. Sign up for the Go Heritage Run in Ooty through or win our 10K premium package for free by registering through the mobiefit RUN app’s Events section.

Give your relationship a boost
Running helps put you in a calm place and helps shed clear light on muddled thoughts. If your spouse and you are going through a rough patch, then a run together will help clear any cobwebs from your mind, and help you arrive at a consensus on bothersome issues. Running helps boost your creative thinking too, so it’s a great way to end arguments and fights! Trust us, both of you will be calmer after a run, thanks to the endorphin rush.

Beat the summer
Summer can take a toll on new relationships, as the higher temperatures leads to tempers also flaring. A running vacation to a cooler destination such as a hill station is a great way to get away from the summer, and to get a new experience under your belt. Further, according to relationships experts being part of physical accomplishments together can increase the bond between a couple. It all comes down to the feeling of being in a team, strengthening the happiness within your relationship.

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