Tanya Agarwal – a runner, fit mom, fitness blogger and yoga practitioner – is the brainchild behind Wellthyfit, a blog where she pens down her daily musings on her fitness journey so far. Like the name Wellthyfit, Tanya strongly believes that you aren’t wealthy enough till you have empowered yourself with bodily strength and a passionate mind, no matter what level of fitness you are at!

So, how does Tanya keep herself up and about, despite the many roles she has to don? Tanya has been practising yoga for the past 8 years and it has helped her through both her pregnancies, running injuries and everyday life. She is committed to carving out at least a minimum 10-15 minutes in her day to do her asanas. Something that Tanya believes strongly compliments yoga is the consumption of green tea. Keeping aside the jargon on the benefits of green tea, Tanya says that green tea is the perfect partner for yoga. Consuming green tea pre-workout gives you a natural boost (as opposed to the artificial rush of instant coffee). Post-workout, it helps in boosting your blood circulation to keep you feeling energized.

Tanya suggests that even if you are a fan of regular chai, start by replacing one chai with a nice cup of green tea. It may take a while to get accustomed to the natural taste of green tea but you’ll get there. She avoids adding artificial as well as natural sweeteners, as these beat the purpose of drinking green tea. It is especially beneficial for those who live a sedentary lifestyle because consuming even a single cup of green tea helps boost their metabolism and provides the required amount of antioxidants. Tanya’s favourite? You guessed it right, she enjoys a nice warm cup of Tetley green tea post-workout to help her stay pumped up.

Stay tuned for more such videos in Mobiefit and Tetley’s exclusive Youtube video series, Detox Your Body With Green Tea.

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