It’s not everyday that you hear a comment as brash as David Bredo’s when it comes to preparing for ultra-marathons such as the The Great India Run. Popular running wisdom says you must taper ahead of your run. But not for Bredo. He amps up his mileage. “I train for a marathon by simply running more marathons. It sounds strange, but when you run two or three marathons a week on a regular basis, you get used to it.”

That’s how the Denmark junior national champion is preparing for The Great India Run. “I ran 154 marathons last year, and was one of the youngest runners in the world to run more than a 100 marathons in a year. This year has been quiet, and I’ve only run 56 marathons this year because I’m focusing a lot on University,” Bredo told PTI.

“I am looking forward to meeting and learning from Arun Bharadwaj, who is a really famous Indian ultra-runner. I’m really excited for the run as well as exploring the landscapes and beautiful culture that India is known for,” the 21-year-old added about Bhardwaj, who will be the leading Indian runner at the 6-city event which will span 18 days and seven 5Ks and 21Ks in each of the major cities falling on the route.

The Great India Run will also see mobiefit RUN fitness icons Milind Soman and Gul Panag, as well as several other runners  from across the world. Milind Soman will run a special stretch of 570 kms from Ahmedabad to Mumbai via Silvassa.

Image: David Slotsgaard Bredo along with fellow The Great India Run participant Pia Hansson.

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