For the month of April, mobiefit BODY challenges it’s users to perform the maximum number of Squats, Pushpups and Crunches. A few rose to the occasion, while many gave up halfway. But the champions always come through and they did so with a lot of vigor! We present to you the winners who endured the challenges and won them hands-down.

April Squats Challenge

Anish Loke seems to be made of steel! He won the Squats Challenge single handedly with 68 reps in less than a minute. Way to go Anish! You win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 2000.

April Crunches Challenge

Anish Loke takes the top spot yet again with the Crunches Challenge! He won hands down by completing 54 reps in one minute and goes home  with Amazon vouchers worth Rs 2000.

April Push ups Challenge

The winner for the April push ups challenges is Simon from Goa who completed 71 reps in less than a minute. He truly lived up to the challenge and wins Amazon vouchers worth Rs 2000

1000 Squats Challenge

Everyone can do squats but only a champion like Raghubir Tomar can do them in the shortest time duration! He wins Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 2000. Second and third place goes to Divyanshu Tomar and Parmar Jakhara. Congratulations guys! You win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 1000.

1000 Pushups Challenge

Doing pushups is no joke and only those with a strong core can perform these with ease. In the April 1000 pushups challenge, the participants were required to perform 1000 pushups over the shortest time period. Raghubir Tomar once again wins the top spot by beating the other with his record time! Following him close is Divyanshu Tomar from Delhi who comes in second place. The third place goes to Navratan Singh who also gave it his best and won vouchers worth Rs . 1000. This was a difficult challenge to live up to and you are our indisbutable champions!

1000 Crunches Challenge

Crunches are the sure shot move for killer abs. No wonder our winners have such amazing bodies! Raghubir Tomar is in the let yet again. Way to go Raghubir! In second place we have Divyanshu from Delhi , who somehow never fails to surprise us with his strength and stamina. The third spot goes to Parmar Jakhara, who gave it a tough fight. You all win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 1000 each.

Great job you guys! And for everybody out there who’s missing out on these challenges, what are you waiting for! Participate in the May Challenges and win amazing prizes and be a part of the mobiefit Hall of Fame! Download the mobiefit BODY app for Android and iOS and say hello to a fitter you!

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