For a long time it was only assumed that genes play a role in how effective your fitness plan is. Now that there’s empirical proof about this, genetic tests show how your genes affect muscle growth, metabolism and other aspects of your physiology. This means that a highly-specific training plan is required for each individual.

Now, this idea has been carried forward to the diet realm as well. The research, which was conducted in mice, suggests your genes may indeed play a role in how your body responds to your dietary habits. So each individual is likely have to have different optimal level for diet and nutrients. So the best diet plan for you, may not work for others and vice versa.

“There’s been a lot of research done on how populations respond to certain dietary patterns that look at how a large a number of people eat to determine the average health outcomes among those people,” author Dr William Barrington of Texas A&M University said in the press release. “What we wanted to do instead was not to determine the average response of a large number of people but rather how the response to a diet actually varies between individuals.”

Your genes also determine the effectiveness of each particular exercise program (Image: Shutterstock)
Your genes also determine the effectiveness of each particular exercise program (Image: Shutterstock)

“No single diet was optimal for all of the different types of mice,” he added. “We also found that the causes for obesity were different,” said Barrington, which proves that no trend can be labelled as the best diet for you, be it paleo or something more modern. “Some mice on specific diets simply ate more calories, and this caused them to become obese. However, mice on other diets ate less but still became obese.”

“Given the metabolic and genetic similarity of humans and mice, it is highly likely that the level of diversity of diet response seen in our study will also be observed in humans,” said Barrington. “Since there are different optimal diets for different individuals, this underscores the need for precision nutrition, which would identify optimal dietary patterns for each person.”

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