When it comes to ultra-running, the training continues all-year round. For someone like Pia Hansson, this means juggling more than one passions. The runner from Denmark started her running career at a top Danish running club and through that experience, she has been able to complete over 300 marathons, and she runs around two to three marathons a week on an average.

As a regular on the national running circuit, Pia is great friends with David Slotsgaard Bredo, another of The Great India Run participants. When it comes to her success in the ultra-running field, Pia attributes it to the love she feels for running. “When I run, I run without a watch. It’s the running itself, and the company that I enjoy rather than the timing I achieve,” Pia said. She also

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Pia, who will be in India for the first time during The Great India Run, is looking forward to experiencing the unique culture and traditions of India, even as she crosses nearly one-fourth of the country during the course of the run. Adapting to the local climate is one of the keys to long-distance running, according to Pia. “It should be great fun,” she added. ” You have to adapt to your environment quickly and I’m quite excited to be running in these new surroundings.”

Talking about her life back home and how running fits into it, she said. “I also work as a thatcher and I do get injuries there, but I don’t let that affect me. Running is the time I’m free, and for me, it’s sacred. For me it feels like the more I use my body, the more energy I get back. It makes me feel stronger.”

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