“Detox” seems to be the new fad-word that is doing the rounds in the fitness circuit. The process of detoxification involves the removal of accumulated toxins from the body for better functioning of the organs and to restore good health. Exercise, diet, supplements, sauna therapy and internal cleansing rituals like Neti are popularly accredited with being effective detox techniques.

But imagine trying to fit a sauna session amidst your busy schedule! Sometimes fitting in a daily workout session itself seems like an impossible task. And not to forget the various temptations that you keep falling prey to during the entirety of your day. Mindless snacking is a mechanism that many of us use when faced with stress and anxiety. Our work environments are prime setups for overeating out of stress given the array of usually unhealthy foods stocked in the office pantry. So, what do you do when you are halfway through a bag of potato chips and start feeling the guilt coming on?

Brew yourself a cup of green tea! We are not claiming that this will reverse the effects of unhealthy habits, but it is the arsenal you need to balance the bad with the good.  A cup of green tea has a whopping five times the antioxidants of an apple – and considering antioxidants are damage-fighting elements that clean your system from the inside, we can’t think of a single good reason not to add green tea to your diet, whether it’s balanced or not. Still don’t believe us? Watch the above video featuring body strengthening expert and Mobiefit’s Fitness Icon, Roshni Sanghvi as she gives you a blow by blow on detox techniques such as infusion water and how a cup of green tea can work as the perfect way to detox for us busy individuals.

This video is part of an exclusive series of “Detox Your Body” Youtube series in collaboration with Tetley Green Tea, where fitness enthusiasts and experts will share there Detox Mantras.

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