Are you ready for a workout that will not just help you burn all that fat but also prepare you for an unknown attack at anytime of the day or night? Well here’s our mobiefit fitness icon Adwitya Borah who will show you some really cool kicks and punches that will do just that!

Jab, Cross, Hook!

Punches are by all means a really efficient workout on their own. It fuses with cardio to give you explosive strength as well as power. You can really bring out the beast in yourself with jabs. On a fitness level this is important as it help to increase the cardiovascular endurance, improve muscular tone, and increase their overall flexibility, coordination and balance. Not only will it strengthen your body but it will also help you lose excess body weight. So, here’s to a stronger you, inside and outside!

Front kicks

The front kick in karate or any other martial arts involves the movement of lifting the knee straight forward, while keeping the foot and shin either hanging freely or pulled to the hip, and then straightening the leg in front of the practitioner and striking the targeted area.This motion helps to bring the largest muscles in the body into play. This exercise is not only great for your legs and abs, but it is also a great stress buster, as it helps to keep your mind at ease. It also helps to develop functional single-leg stability, while simulating actual martial techniques.

Side kicks

Though this may look a little old fashioned but the side kick is one of the more stronger kicks in karate. This exercise will target muscles that will give your butt that lifted look. Side kicks are powerful kicks but tend to be slower than other basic martial arts kicks. The sidekick can be either done with the rear leg or front leg. The sidekick can be performed slowly for muscle control as it engages the quads, glutes, side hip flexors, lower back, obliques, hamstrings, and calves.

Single Dumbbell Squat

It’s not that sexy, but the dumbbell squat is a surprisingly very effective quad-crusher. When you hold a single dumbbell in front of you, it helps to align your posture and narrows down your stance. This is more likely to increase the challenge to your squats and demand more joint mobility. It also helps you to get a grip faster and forces your upper-back muscles to work harder and maintain an upright torso. This exercise is also great for home-trainees who have limited space and equipment.

Squat and Kick Variation

This squat and kick variation is an important exercise that will help you to improve the speed and power in your kicks. Not to mention that it is very efficient in bringing strength and endurance in your legs. You can also do this exercise to warm up, as cardio or lower body workout. Apart from the benefits to your legs and glutes, this exercise is also very challenging to your core muscles. After a couple of days you will see a really great result in your stability and an increase in muscle strength.

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