Childhood obesity will soon become a major problem for many countries in the world, and fitness tech is often said to be the key in the battle to stop this. Adidas has unveiled the Zone, a wearable fitness tracker that’s aiming to whip school kids into shape.

The Zone is positioned for the classroom, specifically helping Physical Education teachers maintain a track of the health of all of their students. Built in partnership with Interactive Health Technologies (IHT), a connected assessment platform for physical education, the device features an optional heart-rate monitor and allows for creation of customised routines for the students.

Inside the Zone’s durable watch case is an optical-based heart rate monitor that’s built into the wrist band to show readings to the teachers during the activities. Based around heart rate training, this data can then be shared with other teachers through a cloud-based syncing. Thereon, the teachers can create customised routines for students, which suits their individual case, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Adidas claims to have collaborated with school administrators, students, parents and educators to develop the Zone.  It also has NFC on board for quick tap-and-go syncing. The Adidas Zone is going to be available through the IHT website  in the US. It will be part of its Spirit program where students are encouraged to stay active to earn prizes.

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