It is a question that plagues many new runners – is it ok to drink alcohol between your running days. So let’s tackle that question right here, right now!

First off we need to mention that anyone with a history of alcohol addiction, people at risk for a stroke, people under specific medication, those with liver conditions or diabetes, and finally, pregnant women should not be drinking alcohol to begin with, whether they run or not. There’s no such thing as a harmless glass of wine, or an occasional cold beer.

With that out of the way, here’s the next one – people training for any competitive races should avoid alcohol intake during their training period.  Everyone who’s had a hangover knows alcohol leads to dehydration, but it also decreases the uptake of glucose and amino acids by our muscles, reducing the amount of energy that can be generated in the body. So you don’t have the strength to run and your impaired metabolism will make it harder to recover. Want to set a new PR? Forget about drinking.

But if you are not training to beat a marathon record (even your own) then be practical. As the old axiom goes two glasses a day are good for you. Consuming less than 3 drinks (standard) a day, positively affects cholesterol, can potentially fortify bones. Wine is known to supply your body with antioxidants, minerals, and reduces chances of stroke or heart disease when consumed in moderate quantities. At least one marathon in the world is dedicated to the leisurely activity of drinking wine. But don’t go overboard with it like those guys!

On the flip-side, there’s no side effect to drinking as much as you want after you’ve set that new PR or finished your first 10K. So don’t be shy about having a drink or two of your favourite alcoholic beverage, after that run.

Cheers, and happy running!

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