We all have our problem areas when it comes to losing weight. Be it the arm flab or the love handles around the waist, with the Mobiefit Total Transformation program we guarantee that you will burn flab from every nook and cranny of your body! The Mobiefit Total Transformation program has the right training and diet to give you full body workout, right from the app. With this program you will be able to lose weight and and build a stronger core in the healthiest and most natural way. With a series of body weight training and an integrated diet plan, not only will you seeing the fat burn but you will also get an overall toned body.

This program is ideal for anyone who struggles with getting rid of excess flab tricky areas like the stomach, arms, and thighs. The beauty about Mobiefit BODY training programs is that you do not need any equipment and can workout in the comfort of your home or office.

While the Total Transformation is a great idea for beginners and basic fitness, it doesn’t have a nutrition kit or diet plan. However, it’s ideal to get an overall boost for your fitness, but it’s not the most effective way to achieve fitness goals.

For guaranteed results, choose Mobiefit BODY Pro programs  who’s crucial aspect is the diet plan designed by nutrition expert and celebrity trainer, Shwetha Bhatia and is guaranteed to give your visible results. With years of experience and bodybuilding championships under her belt, Shwetha has created a plan that will not only help boost your metabolism but will also keep you energized to perform your workouts.

The Training

Once you sign-up for the Total Transformation Program, you will be given an Assessment Test that will help us customize a workout schedule designed according to your fitness level and ability. You can still tweak it further by setting up your workouts to suit your daily schedule.

Go Pro and get access to four training programs for as little as Rs 199 a month

The next step? We have two of the most experienced fitness icons in India as your personal trainers! Train with Mr World 2015 and actor Anoop Singh and actress and women’s fitness role model Bani J to get rid of fat from the tummy, thighs, and arms!

Your workout recommendation is to train for 5 days in a week for a time duration of 20 minutes a day.  Depending on the Assessment Test you will be placed in a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level. From there on you will aim to level-up by the third month. With a combination of warm up exercises, upper and lower body fat burners, core strengthening workouts and a cool down session, you will start seeing visible results from the very first month, in your overall fitness, weight loss including a boost in energy and capacity for exertion.

  • Price: Since this is a starter program it is absolutely free! For advanced training with the Mobiefit Pro Plans sign-up for our monthly subscription of just Rs 199.
  • Goal: A slow and steady structured training for a full body transformation.
  • Recommended for: This program is suitable for men and women who are new to exercising and are looking for a full body workout.
  • Objective: The aim of the program is to maximize your time and workout by incorporating 75 HIIT bodyweight exercises throughout the three months.
  • Program Structure: Your workout schedule will be customized on the basis of an assessment test. This will place you at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level depending on your fitness and energy levels. You will begin at Level 1 and move to Level 120 depending on your progress.
  • Exercises: The Total Transformation program training will consist of 75 bodyweight exercises  that will pan out across the three months of training period.
  • Program Customization: Once you sign up for the Total Transformation Program, you will be able to customize your workouts on the basis of your assessment test. A program will further be created based on your selection of workout days, time, and fitness levels. Alternatively you can select any workout level and directly begin between beginner, intermediate and advanced or pick from the total 120 levels you are comfortable with.

Schedule and Progress

A custom schedule will be created keeping in mind your fitness goals and availability.

Step 1: Sign-up to the Total Transformation Program and take the assessment test to help us build you a workout schedule.
Step 2: You can select from a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 workout days. Set an alarm reminder to give you timely updates.
Step 3: We have two celebrity trainers VJ Bani and Mr. World Anoop Singh, who will guide you through each and every exercise.
Step 4:  You are now ready to workout! Your workouts will range from a minimum of 14 minutes to a maximum of 20 minutes depending on the intensity levels. Certain exercises are a must to test your threshold and mark your progress. Without these you will not be able to move to the next level.
Step 5: Keep score of your workout with the dashboard feature which will help you to keep tabs on your exercise history and map your progress; see how many calories you are burning in each session so that you know exactly when to push yourself and when to take it easy.

Pro Plans & Nutrition Programs

Go Pro and get access to four training programs for as little as Rs 199 a month

Each of the four mobiefit BODY Pro programs come with a 3-month diet plan that’s designed by Shwetha as well as full nutrition kit which tells you what’s good for you to eat and what should be avoided.

Each program has a unique structure so do find out in detail by visiting our brand new Training home page. Being a bodybuilder and a sports performance enhancement specialist, Shwetha is well-placed to give you a diet plan to ensure injury-free workout experience and guaranteed results for weight loss, muscle gain, six-pack abs or a toned body.

Money-back Guarantee

And yes, we do mean guaranteed results. If you don’t see the results we promise after the program ends, we will give you your money back.

Sports Performance Enhancement specialist and national-level bodybuilder Shwetha Bhatia has designed all of the diet and nutrition plans for mobiefit

We are very confident that this program works. It’s not just talk and therefore, even if you succeed with this program and achieve your goal, we will give you your money back. Just prove to us that your journey has been effective by showing us progress pictures and comparisons of your body before and after beginning the program! We assure you results if you follow the below rules:

  1. Follow the diet plan completely, including the recommended meal timings and calorie intake
  2. Stick to the mobiefit BODY training schedule and program
  3. Get into the habit of drinking more water and keeping hydrated while running
  4. Follow the rest days – they are as important as your workouts and diet
  5. Improve your lifestyle – sleep patterns, meal planning and scheduling – for best results

So head on over to the Training page and take a look at all the new mobiefit training programs. And if you have any suggestions, do leave a comment on this post or on our FacebookTwitter or Instagram channels!

Haven’t decided yet?

If you are still unclear about the right program for your body, feel free to chat with our representatives to make an informed decision.

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