Each runner has a specific routine for their training and preparation for a marathon. And for beginners, who don’t usually have a training routine, it’s important to know the different ways runners prepare to pick up elements that will suit them.

FirstRun caught up with running enthusiast Edina Csanalosi and got to understand what makes her love running so much, what got her into it, what her best time in marathons is, and as an added bonus, a little advice for new runners.

When did you get into running?
I started running around 9 years ago, I was in the middle of a relationship crisis and found that running helped me in coping with it. It also helped my confidence and gave me an energy boost in the mornings. I ran three times a week in the morning and made me a much happier person. And those days were more productive. It felt like having two mornings in a day. Getting out early and see the town when it’s waking up, only meet with either other runners or people who have jobs starting really early and then going home and joining the other commuters with a smile on your face – it’s like knowing a secret, you’ve seen something special only a very few people shared with you.

Were you always into athletics or sports of some kind?
When I was younger I wasn’t into sports that much. I thought that sports are not really for me and I was a bit silly and spent all my time partying and hanging out with friends. I only discovered the positive effects of exercise on every aspects of my life when I was around 23-24.


Edina after completing the NYC Half Marathon (Image: Edina Csanalosi)
Edina after completing the NYC Half Marathon (Image: Edina Csanalosi)

What is it about running that you like the most?
It makes me feel like I’m free and connected to everything. It makes me feel like as if my soul was on a kite flying above me. I also like to overcome laziness and the satisfaction of getting up early, completing the target distance (cultivating discipline) and feeling healthy and alive.

You just ran the NYC marathon. How many kms/miles did you clock and what was your time?
The distance of a half marathon is 13.1 miles or 21 kilometers and I did my personal best so far. I ran it in 1:51:03, which translates to 8:29 minutes per mile.

How did you train for it?
I chose a running app and created a personalized plan based on my age, sex, the previous half marathons I’ve run, my goal and how often I can commit to run each week.

Edina's NYC Half Marathon medal (Image: Edina Csanalosi)
Edina’s NYC Half Marathon medal (Image: Edina Csanalosi)

How often do you run?
3-4 times a week, along with a yoga class.

Give us some marathon running tips. What advice would you give first time runners? 
Start with shorter distances and then build it up. But keep increasing the distance and the speed. It’s important to trust your body and realize that you have nothing to lose.

I would also recommend training for an event/charity run etc. That gives so much more motivation on those cold, rainy or lazy mornings. And for that, definitely use a personalized plan. Seeing it written down makes you believe you can do it.

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