Looking for ways to improve your running form and strengthen key running muscles? The key to doing this is improving the range of motion through running drills, by focussing on individual aspects of the running gait. For example, one running drill is about making sure your leg lands in the right way, protecting your knee, while another focusses on the backward motion of the leg when running.

Simply put, running drills are about concentrating on key elements of a run so that you can improve your technique, manage muscle wear and tear, and increase the coordination between the muscles, your nervous system and the joints. So essentially, you are concentrating on individual parts that make up the sum, and by improving them, improving your overall running form. Beginners should schedule time for these drills in their weekly running calendar, even at the expense of cutting down on daily mileage.

As far as running form is concerned, it’s also down to perfecting individual aspects and bringing them together when you are running. In theory, it sounds easy, but in practice, it takes time. Beginners, especially, will only master running form after a few weeks of running regularly.

As you can see the drills are not complex and won’t take up too much of your precious time. But the results will be plain as day, especially when you have done them over the course of a few weeks. You will find you run at a greater speed and feel less tired after a run, and the improvement in running form should also help in reducing the injury risk for beginners.

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