The popular sports shoe and apparel brand Saucony launched its insightful Seeker Stories as part of its ‘find your strong’ campaign this year, a short-film series that captures glimpses from the lives of unexpected, versatile runners. Among those featured so far are astronomer Michelle Collins, pro-football player Mark Logan and Chef Eduardo Garcia, who recount their running journey and how the sport has impacted their lives.

Its latest chapter tells the running story of celebrated cartoonist Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal and founder of the Beat the Blerch races. The film captures Inman’s “life in 171 seconds,” and humorously tells how he, a lover of cake and consumer of breakfast corndogs, turns to running primarily to counteract his bad eating habits. It also introduces us to “The Blerch,” the fat, globular spirit animal Inman imagines to be floating behind him during runs and is the namesake of the races he founded.

Beat The Blerch is a 10k, half marathon, and full marathon inspired by this comic about running. In addition to the race, Inman has also written a book that captures his love for running. It’s called ‘The terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances’ and it contains comics, stories, and illustrated stories about running and eating.

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