The Southwestern home of one of Ironman’s original full-distance races is now host to an early-season Ironman 70.3 race. The race is staged in and around the heart of St. George, with Zion National Park only 45 minutes away by car. Considering the vast scale of the track, it took months of preparation to make St George fit for the endurance athletes.

The swim of the triathlon is held a few miles away from the St George centre, in the pristine Sand Hollow Reservoir. The bike and run courses are two of the most challenging on the Ironman 70.3 circuit, with some very steep descents. Spectacular views of downtown St George, Snow Canyon and the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve are on offer on both courses, with the Snow Canyon climb lined with motivational posters from locals, volunteering for the race. The scenery and backdrops of this endurance race are quite stunning, and really drive home the point that it’s no ordinary race.

India’s very own Dr Kaustubh Radkar is no stranger to Ironman triathlons having finished an epic 11 in his lifetime. He’s going for an unprecedented Indian record of 12 finishes later this year. Read about what it takes to run and finish an Ironman triathlon in our two-part interview with Radkar.

Main Image: Ironman

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