Ultra-runners are unique among runners, in that they constantly push the boundaries of what’s humanly possible. One would think that running a 50+ km marathon would be tough enough, but many routinely wrap up 100+ and even 200+ km runs. Of course behind the picture of endurance is years of hard work, training and diet control. One cannot just transform into an ultra-runner overnight. It takes years of dedication, sacrificing the things we take for granted, and a kinship with nature’s many terrain.

Anton Krupicka knows the ordeal all too well. A mountain runner, he won the Leadville 100 twice and the USATF 50 mile Trail Nationals in 2009, 2010. But after that came the transformation. Krupicka’s hiatus from running due to an injury led to the following video, which takes an intimate look at his life on just another day.

As his website recounts, “After breaking his leg in 2011, Krupicka began to diversify his mountain endeavors. In addition to racing, he also started pursuing remote summits, long traverses, and ambitious link-ups in a single-push style that requires a unique combination of mountain running fitness and technical climbing competence.”

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