If you are feeling great after a run, cherish that feeling, but also remember that your workout does not end as soon as the running stops. Before you strip down and head into a shower, stretch out your tired muscles.

It will not only feel amazing, but will also keep your muscles supple and can help prevent injuries. Here are the essential stretches that you must do after every run to target your lower back, quads, hip flexors, and hamstrings. These are the crucial muscles that will be strained after a run. Loosen them up.

If you have been using FirstRun, you would have noticed just how much we stress on the importance of stretches after all your sessions. Every time we ask you to warmup and cool down in FirstRun, the chief objective is to get your muscles, tendons and joints flexible and ready for running. With improved flexibility, these vital cogs will work more efficiently and in tandem.

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