Exercises such as brisk walking, running or jogging, which are classified as aerobic workouts, are more likely to restore the cardiac protein quality control system in heart failure, a new scientific study suggests.

Heart failure is a common result of cardiovascular diseases and is characterised by reduced cardiac output. Researchers observed a common point on the accumulation of bad or misfolded proteins in cardiac cells of both humans and animals with heart failure.
Studying rats, the misfolded protein accumulation was linked to disruption of the cardiac protein quality control system, in a heart failure situation. At present no pharmacology therapy targets the protein quality control system in such a situation. However, aerobic exercise was found to restore the cardiac protein quality control system, reducing the levels of misfolded protein accumulation.

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This is in addition to other benefits of aerobic exercise such as improved cardiac function, better circulation, and the potential weight-loss benefits. The research concludes that more than 20 million persons worldwide are estimated to have heart failure, and this situation will only worsen as the mean age of the population increases.

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