Abdominal exercises that workout all the muscles of the abdomen can be a godsend if you are interested in getting those enviable defined six-pack midriff. Try these exercises for ripped abs, that not only help you burn more, but give you a strong core, that can take on pretty much any physical activity.

Exercise Ball Pull-In
You will require a stability ball for this exercise. The exercise ball pull in is easily one of the best abdominal exercises for men and women which helps in developing perfectly flat abs, and adds strength to your core. It also helps in getting those enviable six packs.

Lie face down on the ball holding your body up with your hands. Slowly start inching forward, while keeping the ball stable under your. Walk on your hands, till only your feet are on top of the ball and your body is nearly parallel to the ground. While keeping your back straight, bring your knees close to your chest such that the top of your toes bring the ball a little ahead. Wait for a few seconds and return back to the starting position.

This workout targets the lower Rectus abdominis, which is one of the core muscles in the ab region.

Seated Leg Tuck
Tone the upper and lower Rectus abdominis and get a complete abdominal workout for the upper and the lower abdomen.

When your body forms the V-shape, you will feel a burn in your upper and lower abdomen, as your pelvis and rib cage squeeze the muscles together.

Jack Knife Sit Ups
An essential abs workout, the Jack Knife sit ups is very common in any core exercise regime. A pure bodyweight exercise that doesn’t require any equipment, this one helps shape your abdomen and targets the external obliques, pectineus and intercostals muscles.

Lie on the floor with your arms stretched behind your head and your legs stretched out in front. Lift up your arms and legs simultaneously towards the ceiling until your fingers almost touch your toes. Hold the pose for a few seconds and slowly go back to the start. To begin with, do this exercise for 8-10 times at a stretch for one set. Do 2 to 3 sets.

A comprehensive stomach exercise, this works on both the upper and lower abs, making it a good choice for overall muscle development.

Air Bikes
A total ab workout, it involves your Quads, front hip flexors, lower abs. Depending on your level of activity or experience, Air Bikes can be done fast or slow, and with a couple of different movements – piston-like straight jabs or circular movements to mimic cycling.

Long Arm Crunch
Unlike the classic crunch, this exercise puts a strain on the upper portion of the rectus abdominis, rather than the lower abs.

Reverse Crunch
A classic crunch exercise, this works on the lower portion of your rectus abdominis muscle.

Janda Sit-Up
The Janda Sit-Up is one of the lesser known six pack exercises that help in enhancing the stress of the stomach muscles by contracting the hamstrings and disengaging the hip flexors. Lie down on the floor with your hands placed under your head, your knees bent and your feet placed flat on the floor.

Set each exercise aside for one day of the week and you will have ripped abs before you even know it. Combine these crunches with other bodyweight exercises such as squats and pushups, which do not require any equipment, for overall muscle development.

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