When it comes to getting a flat stomach so it's even more important than ever to pay attention to holistic development which will not only give you flat abs, but also a strong core.

One of the most wanted results from working out regularly is flat abs but getting them is not child’s play and it’s not only about exercising. Belly fat is one of the more stubborn parts of your body when it comes to getting a flat stomach so it’s even more important than ever to pay attention to holistic development which will not only give you flat abs, but also a strong core.

Go the whole hog
Often when looking at the stomach area, you might tend to focus only on the six-pack area. But don’t waste your effort by only doing simple crunches, since they tone just the abs. It’s important to give your whole body a workout which will result in more efficient fat burning, strengthening of muscles. From a squat to push-up to variations of crunches. Think about engaging your core through these variations and yoru flat stomach won’t just be superficial, but actually strong.

Get the balance right
Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to get a flat tummy. It isn’t about starving or going on a crash diet. It’s about getting a balance and a mix of diet and exercise. Your body needs enough food to be hormonally balanced, and support your exercise. Eating too little lowers fat-burning hormone leptin in your body, slowing down your progress in weight loss. Exercising without fuelling your body with the right diet means your efforts won’t show the right results.

Form is key when working out, so don't just rely on simple crunches to get the flat abs
Form is key when working out, so don’t just rely on simple crunches to get the flat abs

Focus on Form 
Simply doing crunches tens to build a bad posture among those looking to burn belly fat. It is made worse if you have a habit of slouching over while working on a laptop or on a desk. What varying your exercises does is build overall strength, and enables you to build a better posture! Your posture goes a long way in making sure that belly fat is burnt. When you have to force yourself to sit straight, it burns some much needed calories, and having a firm posture makes you look slimmer, more confident too.

Lose the stress
Work stress and then getting nervous about your weight loss is one of the biggest downfalls in beginners. Stress causes hormonal imbalance, throws you off-track and distracts your efforts. On days when you feel like the stress is too much, skip the heavy workout, and take a few minutes to brisk walk or jog. It can be really refreshing and walking is known to be a great stress-buster.

Just planks are not enough of a core exercise
Planks are a great way to build a stronger core

Walk the plank
Planks are like the magic word you will hear often from others who have successfully lost weight and kept it off. This amazing move not only gives you a rock-hard core, but builds stability that’s real and strong! The plank is usually used as a recovery exercise and focuses on your entire core, which is what you want after a core workout session. It works the muscles that hold your midsection tight, and gives your arms and feet some much-needed strength for more workouts.

Nutritional information courtesy HealthifyMe
Nutritional information courtesy HealthifyMe

Hydration and detox
Finally, pay attention to how much water you are drinking. Bad hydration is a common error among inexperienced exercisers. Drink too little and you will get cramps and burn out faster, and drink too much and it could give you stitches or that bloated feeling when running. Make sure you get enough electrolytes and alkalize your body to help it burn fat and shed impurities. Besides lemon water, you could have coconut water, cactus water and fresh fruit juice to get these essential nutrients.

These five mantras are your key to getting flat abs. Now just start working out – it could be a 10K run training, or a bodyweight exercise routine – and maintain a diet that suits your body and training.

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