Sometimes the challenge of running a marathon or ultramarathon is surmounted by sheer passion. Even in the most demanding terrains runners seem to summon an energy that takes them past the finish line in exhilarating fashion. And as most experienced runners would testify the best running stories come from the hardest challenges thrown to them. But it’s not passion alone that makes a runner. There’s a lot of training and preparation that goes into any run – from middling 5Ks to the terrifying ultra runs.

That’s the story being told in ‘Curiosity’, a film that follows The North Face athletes Rory Bosio, Timothy Olson, and Hal Koerner as they get ready for the North Face Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB). The UTMB is no ordinary race, as it takes runners through 9,600 meters of elevation over the course of a monumental 166km trail in the majestic French Alps.

What do these elite runners go through in preparation for such a gruelling run? What’s the mindset like? What drives them to scale the heights each year. ‘Curiosity’ is a peek into the life of elite ultra-runners.

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