With the ultra-runners of The Great India Run well into Day 5 of running from Delhi to Mumbai, we are already seeing some great progress on a daily basis.

On Wednesday, July 20, the Day 4 of TGIR, began at 7:55 am with the runners pencilling a break at half past 10. On Day 5 too the first break was scheduled at the same time. During this time, Sunil Sharma had managed to finish 20km of running. The Day 5 target for the runners is 80 km which is the ideal pace for the 1480km ultramarathon in 18 days.

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Till 5pm on Day 4, Arun Bhardwaj was going strong with 60 km ran and counting, Sunil Sharma kept him company by covering 50 kms, while Sidharth Choudhary and Dhanee Kumar crossed the 40 km mark for the day easily.

Here are all the videos of each day of The Great India Run so far:

Kaushal Chauhan, the winner of mobiefit’s #RunForRio contest finished his day at 40 km to nurse a niggling injury in his knee. “Walked 30km today and it was the first time that I walked since I had a pain in knee. I had a target of 40km for today, and I managed to complete that plan,” Kaushal said from Jaipur.

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