When it comes to personal fitness, we can all agree that mobile devices have had a tremendous impact in the past few years. As major technology companies become more invested in wearables, and self-quantifying devices, this space will only grow in the years to come.

Whereas fitness bands and wearables have become the talk of town in Western countries, the Indian consumer is still not ready for the onslaught of standalone mobile fitness devices. That’s the philosophy behind FirstRun, which aims to get people fit without them having to spend extra on other devices, as explained by MobieFit co-founder Gourav Jaswal in an interview with NDTV Gadgets.

In a feature that takes a deeper look at the Indian fitness market, from the point of view of fitness devices and apps, the publication cited the example of MobieFit and FirstRun as making the case for fitness without extra devices strapped to the body.

Most people carry their phones with them all the time. For a lot of people investing in a dedicated fitness wearable may not seem like a sound investment. FirstRun is an Android app that targets the running niche and teaches people how to run. Gourav Jaswal, Co-founder of MobieFit, the company behind FirstRun, argues that runners can carry their phones while running and all they need is an affordable armband case that lets them snap the phone on to their arm.

The article goes on to quote Jaswal as saying, “We believe that a specialised single-purpose wearable device like a fitness band is not currently the best option for mobile fitness because it imposes an additional cost. Even if the cost factor is solved (fitness bands will soon cost less than Rs. 500) it imposes an additional burden on the consumer to keep, carry, and recharge one more device.

While FirstRun also lets users track and monitor their progress, that’s not the core focus. As an app that’s built for beginners, the entry barrier is meant to be very low, something NDTV Gadgets stressed on.

FirstRun also goes beyond tracking your runs. The app features co-founder Gul Panag as a running coach and includes video tutorials. It’s not targeted at serious runners alone…

Read the full text of the feature here.

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