The most fun 10K you’ll ever run in London, Run To The Beat. It’s become a common theme to combine music festivals and running events. After all, running makes you feel energised and happy, and what better way to top it off with some dancing.

London’s Run To The Beat is the latest to join the party with a 10K run and an exciting atmosphere with music from the best DJ’s from around the world. The run takes a great route for runners, with spaces for friends and family to cheer you, and show you some of the best sights in the city. With DJ booths placed on the route, you can always take a breather and shake a leg (you know, to warm up) before running. All this means is that you are running to the live music, so don’t think about carrying earphones.

Some of the DJ’s for this year 10K are – Marvin Humes, Danny Howard, Jameela Jamil, Jay London as well as DJ Goofy, who, at 16, has already won several world championships. The 10K running route is set around Wembley Park, and all runners will get a Brooks technical running top to wear for the event.


The best part about this 10K? An after party once the race gets over. Which basically means that just by participating, you’re making sure you have a spectacular time. FirstRun is all about making the most of each run, and the London 10K has our vote!

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