Planning your week day workout is a great idea one because you won’t be confused about what to do next and secondly you will be well prepared for each workout session every day. Split your workout plan in such a manner that by the end of the week you have covered your upper and lower body.

Day 1: Chest and arms
For arms: Always start your workout session with cardio and warm exercises. Before moving onto the king of all biceps exercises start with 2-3 sets of 10-12 underhand pull ups. Try doing 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps with barbell curls and then switch to either incline dumbbell curls or preacher curls.

For chest: perform chest dips for chest and repeat it for 10 to 15 times and then switch cable bicep curl for 5 minutes. Take rest in between.

Shorten your workout time, but increase its intensity
Shorten your workout time, but increase its intensity

Day 2: Cardio
-if you are trying to lose extra kilos the cardio workout is the best pick. Start with Warm up for two minutes. Start with treadmill for 15 to 20 minutes, speed depend on you if you are a beginner and are not used to treadmill then you should stick to 4.3 to 4.5 speed and later you can increase the speed. Cycle for 15 minutes and end your session with elliptical or a cooldown walk on a treadmill. For cardio sessions, you may also replace the gym with a running, swimming or outdoor cycling day.

Day 3: Lower body

After cardio it’s time to move to your lower body part. Start with wide jump squats, lateral squats jumps, split squat perform it each 40 times. Then glute bridge, reverse lunge with front kick and curtsy lunge (15 each leg) repeat it thrice. Do 3 set of each exercise.

Day 4: Back & Triceps
Day 4 is all about focussing on your back muscles, triceps and shoulders. Begin with wide grip Lat pulldown (10 times), machine row ( 10 times of 3 sets) cable seated row (15 times of 3 sets), if you want to make it more intense then add cable standing triceps ( 15 times), pullups ( 3 sets) and cable close grip pull down ( 12 times)

Cable pull-down for back, shoulders and triceps
Cable pull-down for back, shoulders and triceps

Day 5: Aerobics / Cross-training
Aerobics combines fitness and dancing, and besides increasing your oxygenation capacity, they give your muscles explosive power and improve your cardiovascular strength. A wide range of workouts fall under the aerobic routine including many dance forms, body pumps, body combat workout, and Zumba workouts, pilates, step aerobics and much more. Follow a trained instructor to make the most out of your aerobic workout.

Day 6: Core
Perform seated dumbbell shoulder repeat it for 40 times, dumbbell lateral raise and weighted crunch and end it with gym ball jackknife. For abs you can do bicycles crunches and treadmill sprints. Repeat each of them for 3 times.

Just planks are not enough of a core exercise
Just planks are not enough of a core exercise

It’s very important to workout your inner core and not just your abs. According to studies and research, these core muscles are instrumental in many movements of our limbs. They are known to activate before your arms in something like arm rotations. In other words, they are ready to come on and help you be stable even before your limbs have moved. It only stands to reason that bulk of your stability while running stems from this inner core. These so called anticipatory contractions occur before your hip or foot movements in running, allowing you to have a steadier run without you even realising it at times. If you’re not engaging your inner core in your workouts, all those crunches will only give your abs a superficial strength.

Day 7: Run
Set out for a run – at whatever distance and pace you are comfortable with – unless you have a set mileage or volume to achieve each week. After the run, make time for recovery sessions, to cap off the week.

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