Medicine ball can work as cherry on the cake for runners as it is very helpful for the all those who are getting prepared for their big race. it involve workouts like lifting, throwing, and catching the ball, it basically pays more attention on the ‘core’ area of the body. Medicine ball workout helps runner to strengthen their core areas and rotational strength of their core muscles. Some runner ignore core strengthening which later have an adverse effect on their race.

Let’s see some of the medicine ball workout that will provide you with additional specific strength which can be used directly during your workouts and races to enhance your running velocity and your overall performance.

Hammer Twist
1. Lie down with feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Slowly twist your body towards the right, grasp the ball and position it behind your right shoulder.
3. Swing the ball towards the left and make sure you are on the floor in a squat position.
4. Now swing the ball back to the starting position.

Continue for 10 reps, before switching over to the other side.

Advantages: Strengthens your hip, leg, abdominal and oblique muscles as well as spinal erectors. As a result you will get an upright and balanced running posture for greater efficiency. Also creates strength in the lower body that will hold you in good stead on long runs.


Body Flex0
1. Find a pull-up bar, and start from a hanging position with your legs stretching straight down near the floor.
2. Place a ball between your feet and raise your knees toward your chest while maintaining a firm grip on the ball.
3. Go back to the starting position by spreading your legs back down toward the ground.

Perform 10-15 repetitions and two to three sets per workout.

Advantage: Work out your abdominal, oblique and hip flexor muscles with this drill. The results will be most apparent in your knee drive and the more economical running posture.

Walking Twist
1. Stand straight with your feet as wide as your shoulders and the ball behind your right shoulder.
2. Move forward while swinging your arms through a wide arc in front of you.
3. Continue the swings till your arms are to the left and the ball has stopped behind your left shoulder.

Switch and moderate your speed. Repeat the workout for a total of two to three sets with 15 reps on each side.

Advantage: Improve your balance and spinal posture with this simple exercise. Also strengthens your lower-back and gluteal muscles, which has a cascading effect on your hamstring and achilles.

Jump and Pick-Up
1. Begin with your feet flat on the ground and keep the ball between your ankles.
2. Bend your knees in such a way that you are in shallow squat position, with your thighs above knee level.
3. Now jump upward and lift the ball in front of you by pulling both knees up rapidly toward your chest level.
4. Catch the ball as your feet come back to the ground.

This exercise requires good reflexes and coordination. Repeat it for a total of six to 10 repetitions. Do two to three sets.

Advantage: This is a great way to activate your hip and leg muscles for more advanced workouts. It also improves your running power, your plyometric capability and your spring and stride motion.

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