When it comes to wearables, there’s one for each and every health need you have. There are those that help you monitor sleep, while others keep fast bowlers in cricket injury-free. And now there’s a biometric wellness bracelet from WellBe that aims to bust stress.

Unlike other wearables that may tell you when your heart rate is elevated or when other vital indicators are pointing to a stressor situation, WellBe’s claims to tell you what exactly is making you stressed. This could be some people that make you nervous and anxious, or the time of day – Monday mornings, likely – or your location.

It measures your heart rate and then feeds data into a proprietary algorithm that delivers results in a range between ‘Calm’ to ‘High Stress’. You can record meetings, events and places to paint a picture of what exactly delivers those stress-filled moments.

That’s just one aspect. To help you get over the stress, it offers meditation programs based on your results and tracking, tells you which breathing exercises work, and something called “guided imagination”, which sounds an awful lot like telling you to go to your happy place.

It also lets you play relaxing sounds at times when you need them most. Check your before and after stress levels after going through these remedial techniques and see what actually works for you,

The price is a steep $119, while the band will land in September this year.

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