Ever wondered if you could get an insurance cover for all those injuries you endured when you started running? Though running insurance is a fairly new concept to many of us, it is something that is entertained by most insurance companies. And why not? With celebrities getting their vital body parts covered: models get their legs, torso and other enviable features insured and sportsmen and sportswomen insure the most vital body parts for their skills and career. Viewing insurance in this light may reveal an area of importance that many of us are unaware of, especially runners.

Taking into consideration the high incidence of running-related injuries Mobiefit RUN is partnering up with Toffee insurance to provide all its users with a 1-year Stay Fit Toffee, to make running safer and injury-free. Toffee provides bite-sized insurance cover for an array of health and lifestyle-related conditions. With their Stay Fit Toffee, they provide insurance for injuries caused due to running, cycling, gyming and more. If you are not a Mobiefit user then the Stay Fit Toffee is priced at just Rs 420 for an annual premium policy of 1-year. Toffee covers OPD hospital charges up to Rs 5000 and inpatient hospitalization charges up to Rs 95,000. The insurance also covered ambulance charges, wheelchair charges, etc.

By subscribing to any of the Starter, Elite and Marathon training programs on Mobiefit RUN, you will be able to injury-proof your run for an entire year at no added costs. Yes, you heard us right. With every Mobiefit subscription, our users will get an all-access to Toffee’s premier fitness insurance for the period of 1-year.

Toffee policies are different as they analyze, predict and customize their product offerings that reduce the risk of various lifestyle conditions among the youth. With an IRDA license, Toffee works with nine insurance providers and underwriters such as Apollo Munich and Ergo to provide custom made policies to buyers.

If you are still unclear about what a running insurance is, here’s a low-down on it:

What is running insurance?

Just what it sounds like – insurance that will cover costs if you happen to get injured during your running training, or worse, during a marathon. While seasoned runners are less likely to injure themselves seriously, there is always a risk associated with any sport, and it makes sense to get yourself covered for it. And though training insurance (like any other type of insurance) usually doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, it’s still quite helpful to hedge against the most common injuries that can occur on any track – from the lap around your neighborhood to your next timed-race.

Who needs it?

Whether you are a first time runner or a full-fledged marathoner, there’s no doubt that running is a strenuous activity and can take a toll on your body regardless of the precautions and training you undertake. Though many people think that injuries are a part and parcel of running and are covered under a regular life insurance, many a time this is not the case. The kind of physical therapy and treatment needed for injured runners will not be necessarily available straight away and many are usually forced to turn to specialized rehabilitation centers, which of course will cost a substantial amount of money. But if you are covered, all this will be avoidable.

Where can you get one?

Running insurance is a sought-after market for long distance runners and professional athletes. However, with the rising popularity of running, there is also a consecutive rise in the number of running-related injuries and accidents. While most insurance policies are created for professional runners, there are companies that cater to providing this facility to runners of all levels.

To get your Stay Fit Toffee Insurance, download Mobiefit RUN app for Android. Once you sign-up, subscribe to any one of our Starter or Elite training programs at just Rs 125 per month, and you will get an all access to the Stay Fit Toffee for an entire year. This limited-time offer is available with all new mobiefit RUN subscriptions purchased before April 15th. So, hurry up and injury-proof your next run now!

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