We introduced the all-new FirstRun app last week and the initial response has been great. We are seeing more and more runners sign up each day and that fills us with encouragement and motivates us to do better.

For those unfamiliar with the basic idea of FirstRun, it’s first and foremost the easiest way to start running. We do this by training beginners to achieve their fitness goals. By running just thrice a week, anyone can train to become a healthy and injury free runner with our motivation app.

First Run currently offers a 5K and a 10K running program. The 5K program is our tribute to Josh Clark’s extraordinary Couch to 5K (C25K) program, used by thousands to start their running journey. Or one can select the 12-week Couch to 10K program and train to meet the 65 minute endurance time.

First Run can be the personal trainer for beginners, and could be your first step towards running a marathon. We have the right ingredients for all kinds of runners – from rookies to marathon runners, or those thinking of starting a new sport or hobby. So what makes FirstRun the ideal running trainer for you?

Personal Running Coach
Marathon enthusiast Gul Panag is our in-app running coach, motivating you to keep running and showing you the essential running basics and exercises. The audio voice of Gul Panag guides you through your daily run and walk.

Focus on Time
Like the C25K program, First Run does not focus on speed or distance, but encourages you to run for a set time each day. With a combination of walking and running, or even a jog, exercising becomes easier for users at any level of fitness. It’s the best way to prepare for a half marathon or a marathon.

Choose from a 5K or 10K running program, and change music from within the app
Choose from a 5K or 10K running program, and change music from within the app


Flexible Training
Experienced runners can start the program mid-way and aim to run for a longer distance in the set time. We know that sometimes you just don’t have the energy to complete a run, so take a break by hitting pause anytime and resume the session at a later time. For beginners, you can start running by even jogging lightly.

Unique Treadmill Mode
First Run can be used in any weather conditions thanks to the unique treadmill mode that gives runners the right treadmill speed guidelines at the right time. So don’t stop training when it’s raining.

In-app Music Player
Runners love music on their daily run, so there’s an in-app music player to keep them company every time they step out–all without leaving the app. You can select songs from your device and play the music you love.

Skip to any running day in the future, and see your running performance
Skip to any running day in the future, and see your running performance


Track your daily running distance (in miles as well as kilometres), speed and analyze your progress easily, in real time. With GPS tracking, you can set personal goals for each week and see how much distance you have covered without checking Google Maps.

Running is known to be a great way to lose weight. Mix it up with your other exercises for a bit of variety in your daily workout schedule. In just a few weeks you will be running regularly, burning fat and calories, losing weight, boosting your glycogen stores, while also improving your overall stamina and cardiovascular health by reducing your rest heart rate. You won’t even realize how quickly running can become a part of your daily calendar, as you get leaner, faster, stronger, and become a better runner.

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