We created a fitness revolution in India with mobiefit BODY. And with close to 100,000 trainees who have come through our app, we have found that not only was our formula appealing, but it is also one of the most effective fitness training apps in the market.

This is possible through key decisions in the way we approached building our program. For example, we knew that a one-size-fits-all will be easy but will not appeal to all our potential audience. We needed to accommodate people of all fitness levels.

That’s why our program is uniquely adapted to each individual’s schedule, fitness level and goals, whether it is weight loss, simply shedding calories, body-building, toning and shaping, or learning the best exercise techniques.

Need more? We offer you an array of categories to browse through in our fitness feed. There will be times when all you need is a good read to keep you motivated or to help you achieve your fitness goals. The mobiefit fitness feed provides all that and more…Here’s what’s in store for you

Diet is the first step to fitness and with our Nutrition Watch section we aim to help you take this big leap

The path to sculpt an envious body is 30 % exercise and 70% diet.

Our Nutrition Watch section will educate you on the importance of a healthy diet and how to consume one. This is your one-stop-shop for healthy recipes and diet tips from the experts.

We know that losing wight is tough, but we got your back with expert advice and workouts

Many of us struggle with our weight loss goals. Our Lose Weight Section will guide you on the type of exercises you need to inculcate in your schedule, the kind of food you should plate up on to burn calories, the lifestyle changes you need to make for a healthier you, and much more. Stay tuned if you want to fit into that pair of jeans you’ve been eyeing.

Stronger bones and improved muscle power
Get leaner and meaner by packing on some muscle from our selection of body toning and strengthening workouts

But many a times losing weight is just one end of the spectrum. The big question is, what does one do after? Tone and strengthen your body with our Build Muscles Section and get ready to look like a million bucks. Our speciality are 10-15 minute workouts that will fit into your busy schedule like a glove. Get pumped to build some muscle!

With mobiefit BODY challenges, you get a chance to win exciting prizes by performing body weight exercises like push ups, pull ups, squats and crunches.

Every month mobiefit BODY announces Challenges for the Month in our Fitness Challenges Section. If you are a mobiefit user then you can sign up for any of the monthly challenges and win vouchers, gift hampers, fitness gear and more! Don’t believe us? Here are a few winners who went home with amazing bodies and amazing prizes!

This section teaches you the importance of simple activities like hydration and other fitness basics

What good is working out if you don’t get your basics right? Fitness comes to those who have a strong foundation and build on this with a healthy lifestyle and commitment to working out. Stay tuned to our Workout Basics Section if you want to know the elements of a healthy body, mind and soul.

mobiefit’s apps are centered around icons who can keep you motivated, and make fitness easy. Today, we are bringing that idea to a whole new level with the mobiefit Fitness Icon. Here’s a glimpse of all the fitness icons that we have  on board

Unlike other fitness apps mobiefit BODY is not just about telling you which workout to choose; we take it a step beyond by guiding you on each and every aspect of your fitness from tracking to fitness tips. Exercise not only boosts your body but also charges up your mind, allowing you to tackle any challenge. Burn calories, lose weight, gain energy to keep going and watch as your confidence grows. This is your best chance to unleash your full potential.

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