If you are not a runner and you are probably one of those who finds running too boring to even give it a try. So much so that when you do come across a runner you wonder what makes them so passionate about running. Runners do everything to sustain their session because for them running is more than just a way to get fit.

Running literally brings you answers for questions that you may be stuck on, or gives you that brainwave that solves a problem at work. The ‘fringe benefits’ of running keep runners coming back for more. Which is why many describe it as an addiction.

Makes you fit!
Let us get the clear benefits of running out of the way. With regular runs, not only do you boost your physical health but increase your stamina and endurance, which is a great asset for anyone involved in work that includes some amount of physical activity. Secondly, it makes your heart stronger by increasing the heart rate and pumping blood in an orderly fashion. Your bones and joints are also well-fortified with regular runs, as running has been proven to be better than cycling for your bones.

Mental fortitude
Aerobic exercises such as running could be the solution to some of the common mental disorders that affect your memory and thinking skills. One recent study may shine light on a new way of helping patients with schizophrenia through a combination of computer-aided learning and aerobic exercise. Running produces brain-derived neurotrophic growth factor (BDNF), which fosters growth of new neurons, as well as facilitates new connections between neurons in the hippocampus region of your brain.

Creative help
Running helps you overcome writing or creative blocks. American author Joyce Carol Oates is known to ease her writing blocks by taking off for an afternoon run. “Both running and writing are highly addictive activities; both are, for me, inextricably bound up with consciousness. I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t running, and I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t writing,” she has said in the past.

Your personal assistant
Running may not be able to fetch you your coffee (though you could still run and get one) but it does a lot to help you arrange your day. From time management to mental arithmetic that helps you sort out your day. Many high-performing executives use their morning run to organize their day and think of running as an essential part of the work day. You might have heard of a lunch meeting, but these days a run meeting is just as popular.

Peace of mind
That endorphin rush at the end of the run gives you superpowers to deal with stressful situations or even help with your creative thinking. Not finding time to get a solution to your work problem, a run could be the key to solving it. And what’s more running outside automatically rejuvenates you and makes your disposition much more pleasant.

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