Running doesn’t have to boring or serious; certainly not when there’s a whole host of crazy 5K runs all year round. For beginners, this is a great chance to experience the festivities that often surround running events. In the recent past running events have taken a form that transcends beyond just a fitness showcase. They are as just much a social or charity events. And it’s never a bad idea to let your hair down at the wackiest 5K runs.

No lack of quirky runs
No shortage of quirky runs

Mustache Dache
As crazy as it sounds, the Mustache Dache 5K actually raises money for one of the biggest men’s health charity in the world. But it’s not exclusive to men, which makes the whole event even funnier. Whatever the costume, be sure to have a backup mustache in your bib as you don’t want to cross the finish line with a clean shaven face!

ColorDash 5K
Is this the Happiest 5K on the Planet? They sure think so. Think of it like Holi in a marathon. At every kilometer, you will have a new paintjob. Of course, runners have to start in white.

Electric Run
It’s a 5K run, but we think it’s just a clever ploy to get teenagers running, by luring them with the promise of an EDM concert. But at least they deliver on that promise. After you finish the 5K, there’s an actual concert as a reward.

The Super Run
Birds? Planes? Oh no, these are just costumed runners. But they are no less heroic. Superheroes run to donate to non-profit organizations and NGOs associated with the Super Run. For once

Zombie Run
It takes the concept of a Zombie Run to an extreme. Also called Run For Your Lives, you run with a life-belt and along the way chemical spills, car crashes, and Zombies attempt to steal your life. Thankfully no one is trying to eat your brain.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series
It’s like a grand concert with an audience of over half a million. But they are also runners who finish the 5K and enjoy the live performances on the track from big name rock stars. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series is one of the biggest contributors to charity, raising upwards of $200 million.

Know of any other fun runs that we missed? Be sure to drop a line below.

Main image: CASA-Superhero-Run

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