Taking it easy during your period? The old wives tale that makes the rounds is that women should not exert themselves during menstruation and should avoid all kinds of workouts usually tend to make women a little apprehensive about working out during their period. Not surprisingly, all facts point to the opposite end of that spectrum.

During your period estrogen and progesterone levels drop, this means that your body has more glycogen at it’s disposal and this gives you a chance to push your workouts harder, allowing you to use your body to it’s best capacity. Aside from this there are various other benefits to working out during your period and we’re going to list them below for you so that at no point are you ever unsure about getting that workout in.

Get rid of bloat
Fluid buildup in your muscles and joints during menstruation is a common complain and it makes movement painful for some. However, when you do gentle workouts such as beginner-level yoga poses or half-squats, you are forcing that excess water out. Sweat drains all that fluid build-up and makes you feel less bloated, allowing you to move more freely, without that feeling of rustiness.

“The more active you are and more regular you are with your activity, the better your periods end up being — less cramping, less heavy flow,” explains Stacy Sims, exercise physiologist for USA Cycling Women’s Track Endurance Program and co-founder of Osmo Nutrition, in this article.

Endorphin power
Endorphins are your best friend when it comes to the positive effects of a workout. It lifts your mood, and might even alleviate some of the PMS symptoms. Even 15-20 minutes of training will show its effects. During menstruation, hormonal fluctuations cause a fair amount of mood changes, and endorphins from working out make sure your mind is free from at least some of the stress that’s associated with periods.

Faster recovery
Menstruation means that your estrogen-progesterone levels are low, and your body is not preparing for a pregnancy. This low phase in hormones means that you have a faster recovery period from your workouts, since your body behaves more like a man during this phase (lower estrogen to higher testosterone ratio).This means you could actually be finding it easier to work out in this phase, and even put in more intensity into your exercise.

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