What is your reason to run? That’s the question, we are asking with the brand new mobiefit #RunforHappiness challenge brought in association with PNB Metlife. The PNB Metlife and mobiefit #RunForHappiness challenge is all about finding the runner with the most potential in India.

Based on the mobiefit RUN FreeRun mode, the #RunForHappiness challenge rewards you on a weekly basis (more on that coming in a later announcement) and a grand prize of a brand new treadmill that you can take home.

All you have to do is download the mobiefit RUN app through the Google Play Store and join the challenge after registering. Start your FreeRun under the #RunForHappiness challenge, and keep adding the kilometres each day! After each of your runs, you can share your progress with the world and proudly show off your ranking! The runner who completes the most kilometres at the end of the contest will win the treadmill and other prizes. The #RunForHappiness Challenge will be live till September 11, 2016. More information can be found on this microsite.

Do note that in order to qualify for the prize, we will need runners to keep their GPS functionality on while using mobiefit RUN. The app will not track your kilometres if the GPS is off. We will be verifying all the top entries to make sure you are not fudging the numbers by keeping mobiefit RUN on while on a drive or a bike ride. All winners will be subject to a verification test before their entry is finalised

And that’s not all. We will soon announce the prizes in the mini challenges and the challenges themselves. This will make things interesting even for those who join in late, but don’t wait as you could miss out on the treadmill grand prize. More on that later. Watch this space!

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