We saw many enthusiastic participants running for the March RUN Challenges. Runners from all over the country took part in these exclusive challenges and kept the running dream alive. Another highlight for the month of March was the Steps to Smiles challenge with Anuja Mudda. Congratulations everyone for keeping the support flowing in Anuja’s fight against child sexual abuse. Let’s have a look at who won the March RUN Challenges.

March Distance Challenge

These winners clearly went the distance! Bosco Macwan from Mumbai is our winner for the March Distance Challenge. He is joined in second place by Neeraj Vishwakarma from Pune, Shiva from Jodhpur in third place, Kunal Bhuvad from Mumbai in fourth place and an
Srk from Mumbai in the fifth place. The top three champions win Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000 and the fourth and fifth place contenders win vouchers worth Rs 500 each.

March Half Marathon ( 21 km)

Not everyone can run a half marathon of 21 Km. But our winners have clearly broken any stereotypes held towards runners. Again we have Bosco Macwan from Mumbai in the first place. Shiva from Jodhpur comes in at the second position followed by Naveen Mahto from Dehradun in third place, Rahul Parihar from Agra in fourth place and Parul Gahlot from New Delhi finishing in the fifth place. Bosco wins Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1,500 and the other winners go home with Amazon vouchers of Rs 500 each.

Superwoman Challenge

The month of march saw superwoman Anuja Mudda from Pune who ran with mobiefit in the Steps to Smiles Challenge across three states. She helped raise 2.5 lakh towards NGO Arpan in the fight against child sexual abuse. Anuja also wins the first place in the March Superwoman Challenge, followed by Afsha Noor from Delhi in second place, Swati Khanderao from Mumbai in third place and Saranya Ranganath from Bangalore in fourth place. The top three win vouchers from Amazon worth Rs 1000 and the fourth place holder, receives Amazon vouchers worth Rs 500. Keep up the good work champs!

March Fastest 10 Km Challenge

The top three winners for the March Fastest 10 Km challenge are: Bosco Macwan from Mumbai, Gagan Daga from Ajmer, and Naveen Mahto from Dehradun. Bosco wins vouchers worth Rs 1500, Gagan gets vouchers worth Rs 1000 and Naveen wins vouchers worth Rs 500. Congratulations guys!

March Fastest 5 Km Challenge

The winners for this challenge are: Tarun Bhatiya who won the first place, Ayush Maheshwari from Meerut in second place and in third place we have Upender Mishra from Palanpur. It’s not a joke to compete in the 5K challenge but you guys did it! The top winner gets vouchers worth Rs 1,500, first runner-up gets voucher worth Rs 1000 and the second runner-up wins Amazon vouchers worth Rs 500.

If you haven’t given these challenges a thought then you still have a chance to win in the month of April. Download the mobiefit RUN app for Android and iOS and keep your running dream alive. Participate in the running challenges for April 2017 and you could be featured in the mobiefit Hall of Fame.

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