There is absolutely no joy in the thought of running outdoors during cold winter months. In fact just the thought of leaving the bed feels like a nightmare. But it’s November, which means that for all of you not in a tropical city, running in the cold is going to be a cold, harsh reality. Pun intended.

We give you a few tips to drag yourself out of the bed, gear up, run, so that you’re not weighed down with regret at the end of the week.

Make a date with someone
It’s harder to bail on a run when you have someone waiting on you. Morning runs in the winter are the toughest to stick to. So get a partner who is enthusiastic about working out. This is a failproof tip. If you can’t find anyone to run with, look up running clubs in your area. Most major cities have a club or two for group runs.

Arm your feet
It’s not just cold in the winter, it’s also wet. Make sure your feet are well-protected. There is no fun in running through puddles and getting your feet wet for the cold to take an effect. Be serious about getting the right shoes for winters. Get shoes with a thick outer sole and water-proof mesh.

Warm up
Warming up becomes even more important during cold winter months. Your muscles need blood flowing through them before you put them through a rigorous workout. Never scrimp on the warm-ups because that will definitely lead to injuries, and keep you colder on your runs.

Get dressed
Major sports brands have done ample research on clothing for athletes/runners. All it takes is a trip to the nearest sports store to get good advice on what to wear. Remember, do not throw on too many layers to ward off the cold; your body will automatically warm up after the initial few minutes, so stay light instead of layering up too much.

High visibility
Make sure you are well-seen while running. It’s dark and foggy in the winter months, especially in the morning. Get yourself a neon/fluorescent something to wear and ensure you’re safe on your runs. If necessary, carry battery-powered LEDs and tie them around your waist for passers-by to spot you. And a headlamp is always handy when running on wintry nights.

Forget speed
Winter running is more about maintenance work than speed. It’s about running in different conditions, and getting your muscles used to it. Keep that in mind and don’t channel your inner Usain Bolt. Always take it easy, and ignore most temptation to push beyond your comfort level.

Change clothes post run
Remember to quickly change clothes post run. Once you’ve heated up and sweated through a run, that same sweat cools down your body even faster. The trick is to get home and shower rather than lounge in your running clothes.

Go for the weekend
After you’ve done all this through the week, take a weekend holiday to a sunnier and warmer place. Your body will be thankful for the change and you can run without worrying about freezing up.

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