Women are taking control of their bodies and what better way than fitness! We all know that having a regular exercise regime can not only help you get the body that you desire but it can also help in developing your personality. The moment you realize that you have total control of your body through your exercise and diet routine, you become more confident about your life. Beauty standards are passé now because being fit is what you need!

The adrenaline rush that you feel post workout or a run is better than any anti-aging cream that you’ve spent a fortune on. The satisfaction of eating healthy and being in control of what goes on your plate can make one take pride in these physical accomplishments. Still need to stay motivated with your fitness goals? Here are a few women from the mobiefit fitness icons program who have transformed their bodies with their commitment to staying healthy.

1. Delba Bestonso

Delba Bestonso is from Mumbai and can aptly be titled as “Fit is the eternal sexy!” At the age of 47 years, Delba can give any young woman a complex with her amazing body and her enticing personality. One cannot deny that she is indeed blessed with great genes and high metabolism, but that doesn’t stop Delba from working hard to sculpt her body. She works out for two hours, 6 days a week and takes her fitness goals very seriously. She thanks her mother for being a true inspiration and always nudging her to eat healthy and to maintain correct posture. Everybody has their ups and downs, but Delba strongly believes in surrounding yourself with positive people if you want to achieve anything worthwhile in life.

 2. Annabel Da’Silva

She’s just 24 years old and this Brazalian Diva is clearly a head turner! After overcoming the negativity surrounding the modeling industry and battling eating disorders like bulimia, Annabel Da’Silva has come a long way from being conscious about her body weight to being body positive. She specializes in weight lifting and strength training and had to fight many social stereotypes surrounding women who lift, to get where she is now.

On asked what made her take fitness seriously, she says “When you are interested in something, you only do it when it’s convenient. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results. Pushing myself harder than I did yesterday, challenging myself every damn day, progressing mentally and physically are all of the things that started coming with me taking fitness seriously and I loved that mindset.” So start exercising and the rest will fall into place.

3. Chaitra Narendra

Aaaandddd it's transformation Tuesday💪 Found this old picture recently🙈 @the_chaoticbrain thanks😛 So, 2 weeks back ,I met with a minor accident ,hurt my leg real bad and I couldn't train for 15 days. This has been the most annoying and sad phase for me cause, missing my everyday training regime is the most hard thing to do! (Trust me, the first thing I could even think of when I fell off my vehicle was , "how the hell m I gonna train😢") But Well, I'm too ecited today, cause I'm getting back to my grind😈 I feel much better than what I was 2 weeks back! This is what it all comes down to eventually! At the end it's only a matter of time,it changes everything, but it all depends on how you react to it, take it positively and move ahead or crib and do nothing about it? That's left to you! Happy training peeps! Stay fit💪💪😎😈 #fitgirlforlife #lifeofafitgirl #progression #justmirinmagains #transformationlove #dumbledamsel #ironaddict #squatlover #squatsarelife🍑 #bossgirl #motivationlover #PaigeHathaway #teamRFC @paigehathaway

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From flab to fit, Bangalore’s Chaitra Narendra has come a long way from being a chubby girl to her transformation into a boss ass woman! She started working out on a whim because she just didn’t feel healthy enough, and once she started there was no looking back! With the help of her trainers she started participating and winning in obstacle races and circuit challenges. The results of what she could now do with her body by simply exercising, created a thirst in Chaitra that will never be satisfied no matter what stage of fitness she is on. So cheers to Chaitra for going with her gut and achieving her fitness goals!

4. Jaie Bhadane

Pune’s Jaie Bhadane grew up in an army family and attributes her fascination for fitness with her upbringing of staying physically active. She swears by lifting weights and says that it helps her to build physical as well as mental muscle. After being featured in the Nike ad alongside Deepika Padakone, Jaie now commits to dedicating at least 7-8 hours in a week to working out and eating healthy. For Jaie when it comes to fitness, it’s all about surpassing any limitations that she has placed on herself and hitting new personal records each week.

5. Roshni Sanghvi

Don't mail me asking "is it possible to lose weight is 8 weeks" but rather ask yourself "am I ready to commit to it". . Don't mail me telling "I want to lose weight but cannot diet". If you cannot feed the body tight, you will not change. Simple as that. . Don't mail me telling "I don't have time to workout". Then don't workout. Don't expect results for the work you did not put in. . Don't mail me asking for suggestions on steroids and fat burners. Cardio is really the only fat burner I use. Long steady state cardio hours. Is it frustrating, of course it is. But I want the end result bad enough. Do you? . My summer- cut program is an 8 week program where I customise your meal plan, exercise chart and guide you to lose weight while teaching you to eat healthy! Few slots still open before I close the program. More details are up on my webpage roshnisanghvi.com . . . #summercut #fatloss #weightloss #transformation @24_over_gym @transformation.page #ilift #personalcoach #onlinecoach #veganbodybuilding #bodyimage #bodybuilding #mealpreps #bikini #motivation #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #healthy #hclf #highcarbvegan

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Roshni Sanghvi is an internationally certified fitness expert and Bangalore’s only vegan strength and conditioning female fitness coach. She changed her well settled career to become a full time fitness professional. For her this was a big risk, since the fitness market in India is not very supportive of female fitness coaches. But she took this leap of fit and there has been no looking back for Roshni since then. After watching her father struggle with obesity, Roshni didn’t want to keep her health on the back burner. She started working out and eating clean vegan food, that clearly is working wonders for her. An advocate of strength training and conditioning she believes that you have to “fight yourself, for yourself” if you want to battle it out to get a fit body. 

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