This International Women’s Day we bring to you stories from women who inspire others to stay fit. They might not be celebrities or icons but they have been setting a great example for the community since the day they began running and working out. They come from different walks of life but the need for fitness is the one thing that ties them all together.

Blanche Themudo is a dentist by profession and running is her passion. She is a part of a running group in Margao, Goa and if time permits the group does a long run at least once a week and shorter runs during the week. Among the marathons she has participated in are the Goa River Marathon, which is held in December every year.

Since when are you running and what made you start?
I started working out about 3 years ago as a gym opened right next to my house and started running maybe a year later. It was all due to constant motivation from my instructor and gym friends!

Is it difficult to maintain your daily routine with running?
It’s actually not too hard to manage your daily routine along with exercises. Once you get used to it, it becomes a part of your routine and you learn to make time for it.

Who is your inspiration? What keeps you going?
My inspiration are some senior runners from our Margao Runners group that run long distances effortlessly and help everyone become fit. And Milind Soman, of course!

Have you tried the mobiefit RUN app? Is it helpful?
I only just learnt of the mobieFit app and I’m hoping to try it in the near future.

How has running changed your life?
Running has made me an early morning person that I never was. As temperature and humidity levels rise it’s difficult to run later during the day! And I’m thoroughly enjoying waking up every morning to run!

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