This International Women’s Day we bring to you stories from the women who inspire others to stay fit. They might not be celebrities or icons but they have been setting a great example for the community since the day they began running and working out. They come from different walks of life but the need for fitness is the one thing that ties them all together.

Avita Da Costa juggles work and family like many Indian women, and does a great job as a designer, housewife, mother and wife. Post-pregnancy Avita gained a lot of weight, and wanted to get fitter. It’s easy to lose hope in this situation, but she did not. With the support of her husband she got back on track by joining a gym and starting running. Since then there has been no looking back. Here’s her fitness story

Since when are you running or working out and what made you start?
I started working out in July last year since I had put on lots of weight after pregnancy. I started in my home gym where my husband trained me and later in September, I joined a fitness club (gym). I have also started running. I lost 19 kg in just 7 months post pregnancy and it makes me a proud woman.

Avita before starting her workout routine, and after losing 19kg in 7 months!
Avita before starting her workout routine, and after losing 19kg in 7 months!

Is it difficult to maintain your daily routine with running / workouts?
Initially it was a bit difficult to manage being a mother of a 2 year old and a working woman and also going to the gym. But then it’s really worth making time from the schedule and working out and being fit. It makes you feel so much better and healthier. It also gives you energy to deal with all the tasks.

Who is your inspiration? What keeps you going?
My inspiration is my husband, Norberto Fernandes. He has always been there to guide, support and motivate me throughout this fitness journey. I would have never managed my home, business and workout together, without his support.

Have you used the mobiefit RUN app? Is it helpful?
Yes I have tried the mobiefit RUN app on occasions; It’s a lovely app that’s suited for beginners

How has running changed your life?
Running has really changed my life a lot. I feel a lot healthier, more confident, and fitter. I love the compliments I get from friends. Fitting in my old jeans is the biggest accomplishment. I have never been so thin and fit in my entire life. Without my husband’s support I would never have managed any of this.

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