This International Women’s Day we bring to you stories from the women who inspire others to stay fit. They might not be celebrities or icons but they have been setting a great example for the community since the day they began running and working out. They come from different walks of life but the need for fitness is the one thing that ties them all together.

A primary school teacher at Primrose Primary School in Goa, and a tuition teacher post school, it’s a wonder that Aarti Sawant has the time to manage even a short run. But that’s what highly determined people are willing to do to get fit. Despite her busy schedule she doesn’t forget to workout and run on a regular basis. Aarti was overweight because of which her confidence level was dropping. After embracing running and exercise, she not only feels confident but also inspires others who want to lose weight.

When did you decide to take up running and working out? What made you start?
I started working out as I was overweight due to which my confidence level was diminishing. For the last 2 years I have been working out, which has made a great positive change in my life!

Is it difficult to maintain your daily routine with running/workout?
No, not at all. If you are firm, determined and positive in your attitude, it is not difficult to get time to do anything in your life. In my case I teach in school from 8am to 1.30pm and after lunch I take tuitions from 3 to 5pm and, then head to the gym till about 8pm. After dinner I prepare myself for the classes next day!

Who is your inspiration? What keeps you going?
My dad is my greatest inspiration as he keeps motivating me to do good things in life.

How has running out changed your life?
I lost a lot of weight through exercising. It has made me health conscious and of course helped me regain the confidence that I had lost. And it also keeps me active, fresh and energetic throughout the day, which is the greatest reward!

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