When it comes to following schedules for your training, the holidays are the biggest obstacles in your way. With vacation plans, family dinners and festivities taking center stage your workout schedule is likely to take a backseat. But there’s no reason that should be the case. You may lose your way, but there are some easy ways to stay on track this Christmas and New Year season.

Often runners forget that the most important consideration in your routine should be consistency rather than making sure each run and workout is perfect. For example, you may not get a lot of time to finish your long run on the weekend, but make sure you get in the very least amount you can without worrying about the volume and mileage.

Keep the momentum
Through the celebrations, remember to maintain your momentum, no matter how little time you get to do so. Squeeze in smaller runs daily rather than a singular long run. A 2K is better than not running, and simple crunches are more effective in maintaining your fitness than swearing off sweets. It’s important to clear your mind and burn a few calories.

Learn to love stairs
If nothing else, you would be hitting the mall multiple times during this period. Use the stairs instead of the lazy escalators or elevators. A simple and effective way to keep your glutes and ankles activated. Just 20 minutes of up and down will get your heart rate and allow you the feeling of having worked out.

Take the stairs whenever you can to keep yourself active even during lazy holidays
Take the stairs whenever you can to keep yourself active even during lazy holidays

Try a 25-minute tempo
Warm up with three minutes of brisk walking. Run at an easy pace (5-7kmph on the treadmill) for five minutes, followed by 15 minutes of running at a much higher pace (8-10 kmph). Finish with a cool-down walk for two minutes.

HIIT the tracks
Squeeze in a short high intensity interval training (HIIT) session. Even 20 minutes of this routine once a week will keep you pumped. It’s a quick fix for that runner’s high. Warm up with a two-minute walk, followed by jogging or running at an easy pace for five minutes. After you are sufficiently warmed up, run at a sprint speed for 30 seconds, and then recover with 90 seconds of very easy paced jogging. Repeat 6-7 times in each session.

Shorten your workout time, but increase its intensity
Shorten your workout time, but increase its intensity

Shorten your strength workout
Choose to save time with a reduced strength training workload. Adopting a superset strength routine—perform eight to 12 reps of each exercise without a break to rest. Adjust the number of sets based on the amount of time you have, or the energy left after yet another gift-buying spree.

3 sets of Leg press with 20 reps, followed by 3 sets of Stiff leg Dead-lifts with 15 reps. Take a minute’s break between each superset.

For a bit more complexity, do 3 sets of Leg extensions with 20 repetitions and 3 sets of Lunges with 15 reps with a 30-second break between the supersets.

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