When it comes to working out to gain strength and flexibility for your running, it’s easy to get bored and bogged down by the regular exercises. So here’s something you may not have tried at home, but now can, and also add to your workout diary. These are great for strengthening your overall core, and lower-body muscles.

Lower-Body Russian Twist
It’s very simple and you don’t need any kind of weights to perform this drill. Begin by lying on your back and keeping your legs parallel to the floor and your knees bent at a right angle. Now lower your legs to the left while maintaining ground contact with your shoulders. Do not let your knees buckle or your torso come off the floor. Come back to the starting position after a few seconds, and repeat the motion on the right.

Back Extensions
Lie facing downwards on a stable ball with your feet wider than your hips, and elbows dipping down while your hands are just touching the ground for support. Now, bend your glutes and slowly lift your torso up until your body is straight. As you lift up, extend your hands, keeping your elbows bent. Raise your arms overhead for one or two seconds. When releasing, let your arms go first, and then bring your torso back down to the start position.



Positioning yourself as in a pushup, with your palms flat on the floor and feet shoulder wide. Raise your right leg towards your left shoulder and twist as you do so, picturing your leg as a stinger. Try to lift your leg to the left side as much as you can. Then change legs, and repeat the motion in the opposite direction. While the description is intimidating, a scorpion pushup is one of those things you get better at after many attempts. So don’t try to push yourself too hard; with enough time and conditioning you will be flexible enough to get there soon.

Mix up your workouts and you will eventually find it the most holistic way to get fit. By not concentrating on any one zone, you will get a greater benefit in the long run, and avoid serious and not so serious running injuries as well.

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