Sugar addiction is not a myth and has got even the best of us hooked onto it. It’s a real bummer when you have to pass on the celebratory office cake, but it’s even worse when you have to deal with the post-sugar-binge hangover. Not many realize that they are addicted to this “drug” and can take them a few days or weeks to get over this addiction.

A recent study from Australia seems to suggest that there’s a reason why you aren’t able to resist a helping of sugar in each and every meal. It just could be addictive as cocaine or other such drugs. The research, a report on which was published in The Telegraph, comes from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) down under and talks about withdrawal symptoms from chronic sugar consumption, effects of which are similar to going ‘cold turkey’ in drug rehab.

In addition to this, studies have also shown that consumption of large amounts of refined sugar can speed up the body’s aging process and leads to faster breakdown of collagen tissue. Resistance is futile when it comes to curtailing your sweet tooth. However, you can be smart about the type of sugar you add to your diet and how you control this habit. This World Health Day 2018, let’s cut out sugar addiction from our lives one step at a time

Indulge in some seasonal sweetness

Chocolate can be consumed any time of the year. But it’s always smarter to go for a seasonal dessert you crave for all year, instead of the regular slab of chocolate. Why? Because this will help you access some portion control and train your brain to look forward to a variety and quality of sugary goodness instead of just binging on syrupy sweets. But one should also remember that just because these sweets are available for a limited period, doesn’t mean you ought to go overboard. Have a plan and practice portion control.

Positive Thoughts

It’s just sugar after all. And it’s not that tough! One should set themselves up for success with motivational words. Taking control of one’s diet is the first step towards overcoming sugar addiction. But if you keep instilling your head with negative remarks, then you are not even getting remotely close to your goal. Be strong in your resolve and even stronger in your belief.

The bowl of innocent looking candy can spell disaster to your health and lifestyle by doing some irreversible damage

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Hunger seems to be the number one reason why many of us indulge in snacking on sugary delights. Turn the tables around by setting yourself up for success with a balanced meal or snack at every 2- 3 hour interval. Protein rich meals and snacks are perfect to help you resist cravings and keep you feeling full for a longer time Pack your own lunch and snacks so you don’t fall prey to your tea-time cravings.

Thirsty not Hungry?

Yeah, our brain can throw us into a tizzy when it comes to hunger pangs. But many a time our sugar or hunger cravings are a sign of dehydration. So you should actually be scrounging for a bottle of water instead of a donut. Add electrolytes to your water to spike your energy levels and also to add a bit of zest to plain ‘ol water. If you still aren’t satisfied then indulge in some infusion water– to hit your sugar cravings the right way.

Let bygones be bygones

The holiday season can bring out the worst in us. But there’s no point beating yourself over these past mistakes. Show some self-love and move on. To err is human after all! Being accepting and forgiving can actually boost your self-esteem can feel as good as a sugar-rush. Resolve to make your next meal healthier by loading up on plenty of fiber rich foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Add a side of lean protein ( meat and dairy) to this and it will almost nullify the effects of your sugar binge.

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