The trikonasana may look complicated but it’s one of the simplest poses to achieve. The most immediate benefit from this pose is the increased flexibility in your torso and lower body.

At its most effective, trikonasana or the Triangle pose works wonder for your knees, hip, groin, hamstrings and calves. It’s great to increase the balance in your lower body, and improves the coordination between various aspects. In addition, it also is known to aid in getting over digestive ailments.

The movement of the upper body means your chest and shoulder muscles also get opened up and stretched out. And the lateral and across movements open up the range of motion of your lower back, the results of which you will see in your lap times.

While achieving the basic form is not complicated, perfecting it will take months of practice. The below video lays out the basics of how to perform the trikonasana or Triangle pose.

Yoga is one of the pillars of new-age running and many runners have adopted it into their routine as a cross-training activity. Because of its holistic benefits, yoga does work out areas of your body that running would not. The improved flexibility is one of the biggest perks and the excellent breathing habits that yoga inculcates result in better running efficiency.

Main Image: Lululemon Athletica

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