The much awaited names of the winners of the Young Guns January challenges are finally here! We had four amazing challenges with equally enthusiastic participants. But we have picked the ones that have surpassed the others and have won the challenges hands-down. In February, we are bringing new Pushup, Squats and Crunches challenges with weekly winners. Watch out for these challenges this week! Download the mobiefitBODY app and keep up because you might just be our next winner!

1. 500 Dive Bomber Challenge

Ansh Tomar from Delhi with 601 reps is in the forefront for the Dive Bomber Pushup Challenge. Next in line is Vishal Tomar with 534 reps followed by Parul Gahlot, both from Delhi and Bangalore’s Arpita Shree with 517 and 516 reps respectively. Divyanshu is our fourth champion with 514 reps who is also from Delhi. All the champions win amazing Amazon hampers worth Rs 1000

2. 1000 Pushups Challenge

The participants needed to compete with each other by performing the maximum reps of standard pushups. Simon from Goa is in the lead with a whopping 1181 reps followed by Porbander’s Parmar Jakhara with 1096 reps and Ansh Tomar from Delhi with 1011 reps. They all win Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 1000

3. 1000 Squats Challenge

This challenge required the participants to perform 1000 standard squats. And the winner is Vishal Tomar from Delhi who did the best out of the lot with 1268 reps. The first runners-up is Robin Sharma from Punjab with 1166 reps follwed by second runners-up Delhi’s Parul Gahlot with 1077 reps.  All three winners win exciting Amazon gift vochers worth Rs 1000

4. 300 Lateral Squats Challenge

Divyanshu Tomar from Delhi  wins the first place this time in the Lateral Squats Challenge with 392 reps. Followed by Parul Gahlot with 388 reps and Vishal Tomar with 367 reps, both from Delhi. Divyanshu wins Amazon gift vouchers worth Rs 2000 and the runners up get Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000. For the girls only Lateral Squats Challenge, Simranjit Singh also from Delhi won hands-down with 588 reps and goes home with Amazon vouchers worth Rs 1000.

Great job you guys! And for everybody out there who’s missing out on these challenges, what are you waiting for! Download the mobiefitBODY app for fitness challenges and at-home workouts!

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