It’s been a few days since the new FirstRun app was launched and we have already seen a steady rise in the number of users running using our app. One of them was Harshith Mallya, YourStory’s startup and mobile apps writer.

Harshith got a sneak preview of the FirstRun app ahead of the World TCS 10K in Bangalore, where FirstRun’s personal running coach, and MobieFit co-founder Gul Panag took him through the new features of the app. So we were happy to see Harshith’s review of FirstRun v2.0 in YourStory today.

Here’s what YourStory liked about the app:


While numbers and progress graphs are part of the app, the main focus here is on the journey. Runners are taken through different stages of running based on the C25K program. With a firm base and a flexible running program, runners are more likely to stick to it and succeed. The different in-app features like the indoor mode for running on treadmills, ability to play music in the background during the run or the gradual increase in the difficulty level enhance the appeal of the app.


However, he also had some feedback as to how we can improve the app. And yes, we are hard at work to make FirstRun the best running app in the market. The praise received so far, keeps us motivated to improve all aspects. To sum up his experience with FirstRun, Harshith said,


While there are many fitness apps in the market, FirstRun provides a unique running experience to both novice and advanced runners. This is largely because it focuses on the journey rather than providing only tracking services. The attention to detail is also apparent with the in-app music player, treadmill mode and other features.


We are quite touched by the positive response to FirstRun v2.0, and hope many more can take up our challenge and start running today.

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